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For all those people who are not able to come to Mexico or want to continue studying Spanish after returning home form a Spanish Course abroad, Guadalajara Language Center now offers online Spanish classes over the inernet.

You will have one-on-one private Spanish classes during one hour or more any time a day, any time a week.

Your teacher will send you 2 days before your class starts all the material that you will use during your online Spanish class which will give you the opportunity to go over it before your next class. Home work is given when wanted and will be checked and returned before next class starts.

This program has the following characteristics:

Private lessons via internet
One Spanish lesson lasts 60 minutes (full hour)
Flexible schedules
Learning material included (free)
After every class you will receive a homework and an appropriate correction

What are the prices

Spanish Online Classes;
10 hours
20 hours
40 hours
60 hours
80 hours
Price in USD

How does it work

Just like in normal private lessons you can enjoy all the advantages of one-on-one classes via internet to learn Spanish.

1. Set up a free connection via Skype
2. You tell us your Skype user name
3. We will inform one of our (prefered) Spanish teachers as quickly as possible and confirm your desired date and time for the lessons. You will then receive the Skype contact information of your teacher.
4. Your teacher calls you at the start of your lesson.

What do I need for a successful start ?

PC with Windows, Mac-OS or Linux operating system
Broadband internet connection (ADSL, xDSL, cable)
The free Skype communication program
Headset with a microphone
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